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12 Copper Orange
20 Silver / Copper back
02 Chrome
03 Copper
05 Ivory Red
01 Gold
06 Emerald Shiner
07  Fluorescent Orange
Keeping with tradition, Mooselook continues to offer the original chrome finish #02 for the traditionalist. Genuine silver offers a much brighter flash and reflection of all available light at greater depths. Complimenting the mirror finish colours are the nu-wrinkle hammered finishes offered in: copper, genuine silver and 24 karat gold with colour accents. The nu-wrinkle finish offers more surface area and therefore even more flash with a realistic baitfish scale representation. The classic Wobbler is also available in a smaller version. The Midget 1-7/8” 1/12oz Wobblers are perfect for light line trolling on light mono or sinking flylines, working in current on the drift or open or hard water jigging for trout and other species. They are ideal to run behind a dodger or flasher as well as other attractors such as a Williams W50 or W60 Wabler with the hooks removed. The Mooselook Wobbler was developed in 1938 by John A. Greene on Lake Mooselookmeguntic in Maine, from where it takes its name. A Northeastern favorite in the lakes region of New England and Canada. A classic and proven trout and salmon spoon for over 70 years. For all gamefish. Fish the time-tested action of the Mooselook at a wide range of speeds. Imitate your baitfish profile using the 4 different sizes available. Experiment with color to find the right combination. Developed by an angler for anglers!
A V A I L A B L E  with sin gle si w a sh hooks. A d d ‘ S S’ t o pr odu c t c ode .
11 Silver Blue
33 Copper Nu-wrinkle
18  Silver Nu-wrinkle Blue
30 Silver
39 Apple Green
44 Rainbow smelt
38 Wonder- bread
46 Watermelon
47 Candied ice
49 Green Monkey
48 Orange Monkey
81 Glow Purple
82 Glow Orange
51 Black Orange
19  Gold Nu-wrinkle Orange
80 Glow Black
50 Black Chartreuse
North American made by anglers for anglers since 1938.
04 Silver Orange
103 Copper Honeycomb
130 Silver Honeycomb
53 Yellow Orange
54 Pink White Dots Silver back